Solutions for eGovernment

30.11.2016 | Montenegro

Establishment of eGovernment in order to improve work efficiency and accessibility of public information and services, sets new standards in the field of public administration, as well as in the field of information and communication technologies. Portal, in the implementation of S&T Montenegro, is a unique place on the Internet to provide services to citizens, companies and public administration bodies, which the traditional way of doing administrative work gets incomparable alternative options.

Benefits for users

• Improving the efficiency of administration
• Alternative ways of providing services
• Increased transparency of the state administration
• Quick and easy access to information
• The catalyst for the development of new electronic services
• Significant impact of population on the work of state bodies

Implemented solutions / modules

Digital Authentication - A solution that security web sites and portals rising to the highest level possible using electronic certificates to login.

Digital signing - The adoption of the law on the legal validity of electronic signatures this system of everyday use, primarily in the services offered by public administration bodies. Its easy integration into any system it an ideal solution for use regardless of the type of application.

eParticipation - That electronic participation is a term that implies the use of information - communication technologies in public administration and governance. Provides better contact between the people and government without the necessity of a physical presence of actors dialogue.

ePoll - System to independently create complex questionnaires, data collection, graphical display of the results and their exports intended for advanced statistical analysis. Creating questionnaires and answering questions with all the necessary validations has never been easier using only web browser.

Content Management System (CMS) – Content Management System represents the basis of each portal, including the most complex ones, such as eGovernment. Our internally developed solution, except that meets all the requirements that are put in front of such a system has a great advantage in terms of safety, given that there are important differences in relation to the world famous solutions that have known weaknesses in this area.

Backbone platform makes C # programming language in conjunction with ASP.NET and other technologies such as JavaScript recommended a jQuery-a, AJAX and others, provides a secure foundation for the realization of IT projects and the most complex.

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