Software for publishing, printing and storage of visas

15.03.2016 | Montenegro

Implementation of an information system that enables efficient and secure electronic communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFA) is one of the key elements for the successful functioning of the Ministry. Given the fact that these channels of communication used for the exchange of confidential data, the system provides an adequate level of protection, in accordance with the requirements of EU and NATO, as well as with the legislation of Montenegro in the field of information security and protection of classified information.

Former status of receiving and issuing visas was such that all business processes are carried out in paper form. I do not support the existence of these e-business processes has resulted in a lack of electronic records of applications received and issued, denied or canceled visas. The visa issuance process is carried out by injecting the passport of the applicant, and therefore not fulfilling no minimum technical requirements in terms of safety. The lack of electronic records influenced the checking visas at the state border.
Keeping all this in mind, except in the European integration process, which necessarily implies greater control of the state border, MFA has worked extensively to raise funds for the project, which would provide the electronic support of business processes for publishing and printing visas.

Implemented project "Development and implementation of software for publishing, printing and storing visas" (Visa Information System VIS) is fully automate the process of data processing by issuing, printing and storing visas.

Also, the information system provides the additional reporting that users can provide other stakeholders (other government institutions, ministries, public, investors, etc.).

Use of this information system will lead to a significant increase in efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability and cost-effectiveness of all state bodies and officials; improve the quality and availability of information services that state authorities provide users.

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