S&T has successfully implemented the project audio / video conference system in the Parliament of Montenegro

19.12.2016 | Montenegro

Audio / video conference system is a digital system that allows, if necessary, audio conference, simultaneous interpretation, conference call, or voting at constant video surveillance.
The central unit allows full automation of audio / video conferences: on and off the microphone, automate requests and approvals for voice and vote and see the results. The system can be controlled via software applications.
In particular the Parliament of Montenegro, in front of a member of parliament is a microphone that included the card reader, headphone output, the button to select the language as the keys for reporting and voting. The card reader is used to record the time that the member of parliament spent in the parliament. It is activated by member of Parliament personally inserted the card, which automatically activates the unit of measurement of time. If the member of parliament drew a card measuring stops until he again inserted card.

System Administrator is the chairman of Parliament, which manages computer application and give / take away the word of the members of Parliament, or on / off microphone. In addition, each member of Parliament is reporting record through the application, so that the president at all times know who wants to get the word. When a member of parliament gets automatically comes two cameras are directed towards it.
In the hall there is a TV screen that is part of an integrated system and is used to display the results of voting and records the remaining time for the current speaker. The display shows voting results visually represented as MPs in parliament.

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