SWIS Social e-card

25.06.2019 | Montengero

Social e-card is a pillar of the social security reform. The project supported the creation of a new legal framework, the strengthening of institutional and personnel capacities, the establishment of ICT infrastructure and the information system for social welfare (ISSS) itself, which ensured implementation of the reform in practice. It supports legal, institutional / organizational and managerial changes in the social work centers (the network of the CZSR has been reorganized at 25 locations / offices throughout Montenegro), the competent Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Institute for Social and Child Protection and six other public institution of social and children's protection - by providing a more efficient and equitable system of social protection and access to services for citizens in a state of social need.

Social e-card is a complex information system in which almost all the procedures in the social protection sector are implemented:

  • Material support: 14 types of material support + 11 types of support from sector of the fighter and disability protection. The system is responsible for about 84,000 individual payments of social assistance per month, or about 100 million euros a year. The system carries the entire process - from filing a request to the establishment and recognition of rights on certain support, or the issuance of individual solutions, accounting, payments, audits and monitoring.
  • The Social Work Center is now a central point that operates on a one-stop shop. All available evidences electronically are available to meet the conditions for the granting of rights, based on the property and income situation of the individual or family, and the right can be exercised on the same day as the application is lodged. The system supports interoperability with 9 national institutions: the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, the Health Insurance Fund, the Employment Service, the Real Estate Directorate, the Tax Administration, the Ministry of the Interior Affairs(Central Population Register and Motor Vehicle Register), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Veterinary Administration . In addition, the system enables the download / import of data from the EPCG system, and the national registers of the addresses of the Post of Montenegro and the Territorial Register of MONSTAT are also integrated.
  • Case management – social services (guardianship, family accommodation - feeding, accommodation in a public institution for social and child protection, domestic violence, counseling, supervision of the exercise of parental rights, etc.).
  • Informacion subsystem (including e-health protection module) for public institutions for social and child care for the accommodation of beneficiaries (adult and old people's homes, a home for children without parental care, etc.), e-registers (5).
  • Subsystem for Business Intelligence for reporting, analysis and statistics, generates databases that serve for monitoring, evaluation and as a basis for making sectoral policies and decisions.


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