To obtain full control of various data issues - such as confidentiality, recovery operations, retention, performance and availability - S&T offers a comprehensive methodology that allows the efficient structuring and management of data.

This approach involves data classification, architecture for appropriate tiered storage, and solutions - related to business objectives – for archiving and managing retention policies.

Information Lifecycle Management helps to process and move data between the storage tiers according to the data’s respective characteristics, business value and retention rules.

S&T is proud to have a proven track record of consultancy driven projects involving translating business requirements into state-of-the-art storage strategies, as well as associated technical design and implementation.

Our services:

  •     Analysis that takes business objectives into account
  •     Data classification
  •     Identification of business critical areas

Customer benefits:

  •     Consistent storage strategy
  •     Methodical consulting
  •     Technical implementation using solutions from leading manufacturers

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