With our Archiving Solutions we focus on helping our customers to meet legal requirements and compliance criteria as well as to improve operational and cost efficiency.

Hence S&T consults and delivers a data-, workflow- and application-centric approach to archiving, utilizing a best of breed mix of technologies and vendors.

Our areas of Archiving expertise cover:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence… Our expertise ranges from the classic Archiving of attached Documents to the Archiving of Database and Data warehouse contents. Application independent retrieval of ERP Data provides a means of long-term data protection independent of future changes to ERP applications and releases.

  • Enterprise Content, Document & Record Management … where Archiving based on integrated rules frequently builds an integral part of the workflow. Increasingly, these Solutions are extending to Capture providing for the integration of information input from paper-based sources such as contracts and forms.

  • Email & Messaging … an integral part of business documents and communications, consequently subject to increased requirements and sensibility. This also links up to industry-specific archiving challenges such as the EU-Regulation on Data Retention in the telecommunications industry where furthermore archives of Voice Recordings become commonplace.

  • In the wider scope of Information Life Cycle Management, complex subsets of Enterprise File Systems are identified and archived, involving tools that allow for the clever automation of file and related content analysis.

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