These days, businesses must fulfill stringent requirements to ensure not only efficient servicing of their systems, but also the rapid provision of new systems and operational requirements.

Large database capacities, varying operating system requirements and the existence of legacy systems give rise to enormous, heterogeneous server landscapes. The realization of a virtualization solution provides the opportunity to operate a number of different operating systems and applications using homogenous hardware.

The separation of hardware and software ensures that services can be provided more quickly for business owners and they can be restored simply in the event of a crash or other incident. Virtual machines can also be transferred to other servers while in use without loss of availability. Furthermore, loads can be distributed to multiple servers so that planned hardware servicing work can be carried out without the need for downtime.

Our Services and Solutions:

  •     IT infrastructure design and consulting/analysis
  •     Establishment of disaster recovery concepts
  •     Virtualization of servers and storage
  •     Next generation backup (backup to disk, data deduplication)
  •     Backup/restore

Customer benefits:

  •     Improved utilization of server storage capacity, increased flexibility and rapid restoration
  •     Easier expandability and scalability, reduction in amount of administration required
  •     Better utilization of resources, reduction in infrastructure costs and increased flexibility
  •     Increased availability, reduction in downtime and data loss
  •     Lowering of infrastructure costs and long term reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

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