Identity Management is more than simply permitting a user to log on; it controls what that user can do, basically in the same way as putting boundaries on where a person can go in a building.

Identity and Acess management solutions enable organizations to provide authorized users with access to systems, applications and data – thus protecting these assets against unauthorized access, reducing administration costs, enhancing the user experience, supporting compliance, and helping improve trust in human identity.

We have highly skilled consultants and security experts in this field and can thus provide a broad range of services to our customers. The S&T portfolio of products and services provides efficient management of all IAM (Identity and Access Management) issues.

Our services and solutions:

  • Enterprise role concept development and consulting services regarding Role Based Access Control
  • End to end lifecycle services for Identity and Access Management
  • Risk assessment and vulnerability reports
  • Integration with heterogeneous enterprise environments
  • Monitoring of customer IAM 24x7
  • Outsourced provisioning of IAM

Customer benefits:

  • Reduced IT costs and resources
  • Improved end user experience and satisfaction
  • Improved application security
  • Compliance with regulations and industry standards
  • Security control based on user role and profile

These demands create increased support for internal IT departments and strengthened reporting options for senior management, which must have end-to-end visibility of all business processes relating to products and services.

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