S&T provides a broad range of services and solutions to help its customers meet their IT goals and achieve significant savings by an automated process for managing application quality and performance.

IT executives face the often conflicting goals of reducing the cost of developing and running a wide range of business applications while at the same time improving quality and customer satisfaction. Application developers focus on functionality and often do not have time to consider application performance. When new and modified applications enter production, IT staff is under pressure to keep applications and systems running to meet service level requirements at the lowest cost.

Our solutions are based on leading technologies from HP and IBM. We have a dedicated team of professionals with proven experience in multinational projects focusing on functional, load and application security testing.

Our services and solutions:

  • Functional application testing: automated testing, requirements compliance, verification
  • Load/performance application testing: load tests, application response, bottleneck identification
  • Requirements management: IT project and portfolio
  • Cycle and release application management
  • Quality assurance consultancy: implementing of best practices in T&D, methodology

Customer benefits:

  • Reduction of application deployment costs
  • Right-sizing in pre-production phase
  • Minimizing application defects and assuring compliance with requirements
  • Project control and resources management
  • Application readiness analysis

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