S&T has many clients involved in telecommunications and can demonstrate sound experience in many projects in this area. In 2006, 21% of S&T's total sales came from projects in the telecommunications industry. Telecommunications companies in the IT area are changing their focus radically. Although cost reduction has taken priority for quite some time, the focus now is on supporting growth, using IT to implement a focus on customers, increasing productivity and efficiency, and guaranteeing flexibility and speed by introducing innovations.

Competence Centers

Financial service providers

Demand for IT services for banks and insurance companies continues unabated. IT solutions and systems must comply with legislation and especially with requirements for security and flexibility. Contracts from this segment of the economy comprised 19% of S&T's sales in 2006. With the takeover of IMG The Information Management Group, S&T significantly increased its capacity and expertise in this sector. In addition to services offered by S&T, it can now also offer solutions for Customer Management, Process & IT Management, Business Networking & Sourcing, Community Management and Operation Services.

Manufacturing industry

Thoroughly familiar with this sector, S&T offers tailor-made solutions for the manufacturing industry, which is experiencing extreme pressure from competition and costs. 37% of S&T's sales are generated by projects for manufacturing companies. With its combination of IT technology expertise and knowledge of the sector, S&T can guarantee companies in the manufacturing industry not only efficient operation of infrastructure, but also optimisation of their infrastructure and application resources. To complement this, IMG The Information Management Group delivers IT based business solutions that solve business challenges and maximise market opportunities.

Manufacturing industry
Public administration

Public administration

Public administration in the countries where S&T works is facing enormous challenges. Optimising business processes is the key to developing administration and forms the basis for all e-government activities. The goal is to increase efficiency and improve the quality of service offered to citizens. EU directives, political and statutory framework conditions and budget restrictions all place great pressure on public authorities. S&T works with a wide range of public administration clients, from government ministries to universities and state-owned lottery operators, offering them its full portfolio of services.

Key business areas

S&T supports its clients as they face IT challenges right along the IT value-creation chain.

Key business area

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