Modern project management is crucial for the systematic further development of a company. It has been demonstrated that the use of effective and efficient project management techniques increases the likelihood of completing projects successfully in terms of scope, time and budget. The PROMET (PROject METhod) method, developed in close cooperation between S&T and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), has proven itself in practical situations for more than 15 years and is the standard project method in use today at the S&T Group.

The PROMET approach distinguishes between:

  • The PROMET methodology: pre-defined phases, results documents etc. for various project types, such as the process oriented reorganization of a business or the introduction of SAP or other standard software solutions
  • PROMET@work: a process management tool for analysis and documentation of business processes, based on Microsoft Visio®
  • PROMET solutions: process management solutions in various portal environments, such as SAP® und Microsoft®

The PROMET® Methodology

Complex projects necessitate a systematic approach. In order to cater for this requirement, S&T has implemented a methodology with a modular structure which we continually develop – thePROMET method set. PROMET has been developed in close cooperation with St. Gallen University (Switzerland) and has proven itself in practical situations for over 15 years. The individual modules are structured in a clear and consistent manner. All activities proceed in accordance with pre-defined phases, with the results being recorded in pre-structured results documents (templates). These support and facilitate effective and efficient project work and thereby enable the rapid development and realization of new business solutions.

The PROMET methodology consists of the following components:

  • PROMET PM (project management) based on Prince2: “we help you manage your projects and the organizational transformation!”
  • PROMET BE (Business Engineering): “we engineer your business!”
  • PROMET IM (IT Management): “we align your IS/IT architecture according to your changed or new business model!”
  • PROMET SW (Standard Software Implementation): “we implement the systems that enable your new business model to run!”
  • PROMET IF (Infrastructure): “we install and maintain your IS and IT infrastructure!”

PROMET@work - Process Analyzis and Documentation

PROMET@work is a powerful process management tool. It supports holistic, method based analysis, (re)design and documentation and the simulation of business processes. Regardless of whether it is used in the context of a reorganization project, the introduction of a standard software solution, or other types of project, PROMET@work supports the process oriented realization of projects as well as the preparation of process documentation, and also the ongoing maintenance of documentation during operations.

See "". PROMET@work can also be purchased as a licensed product.

PROMET Solutions

PROMET Solutions are preconfigured solutions for process documentation in a portal environment, such as SAP NetWeaver or Microsoft SharePoint. Many documentation standards are supported e.g. SAP’s components view and business scenarios (SAP Solution Manager) and BPMN from the Object Management Group.

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