The early-stage globalization initiatives were rooted in simply operating worldwide facilities. Today, however, a global footprint alone does not deliver competitive advantage and the integrated global business model is emerging as the competitive advantage for international companies.

The economic and business synergies that drive success in the integrated global business model are of special significance and define market survival for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs). But, both large enterprises and SMEs face similar global challenges.

A multiplicity of heterogeneous interfaces for hard-to-monitor information systems, disparate customers and material numbers leading to increased workloads, high costs and degraded customer support as well as an increased risk of errors in compliance with legal codes and regulations.

These demands create increased support for internal IT departments and strengthened reporting options for senior management, which must have end-to-end visibility of all business processes relating to products and services.

S&T has an extensive portfolio of consulting and implementation expertise in international projects rollouts and also roll-ins. S&T has the expertise to analyze existing processes and design and harmonize them for global processes.

This expertise is brought to bear on the complete implementation and realizations of international rollout/rollin projects.

Our services:

  • Global IT-Management
  • Process and system analysis
  • Global Data Management Synchronization
  • Template development for a SAP R/3 rollout with synchronized processes
  • International realization of rollout programs

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