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Banks focus on customer benefits and customer business and concentrate on their core capabilities while standard services are sourced from skilled partners. This results in an extensive reorganization of the value chains in the market. Sourcing-models and the integration of networked partners are current topics of interest.

An increase in efficiency and associated cost-saving potential are the upshot of process and IT management. Banks with significant international presence can, for example, realize substantial cost savings with cross-border business process alignment and by means of centralization and shared services, while at the same time ensuring service quality.

The current situation in the financial markets places greater demands on risk management and also leads to the imposition of restrictive measures and obligations by regulatory bodies.

We, the S&T Group Banking Division, can help banks and financial institutions to define future demands and to consistently implement the necessary measures, all on the basis of our excellent banking, process and technology skills. And these services can be provided locally due to our presence in D-A-CH, CEE, SEE, China and Japan.

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